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Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games: My results

Flags representing (upper) my ancestry as a (primarily) Franco-British-American and (lower) the flag of Louisiana Cajuns (I grew up in SW La.).

I've been participating in the Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games as a way to goad myself into tidying up and organizing my myriad piles of genealogical files, photos, papers and books.  Has it worked?  Well, if I stopped all blogging, reading blogs and replying to e-mail, maybe.  Not to mention life in general.  But genealogicus interruptus happens, so my desk is only about 2/3 straightened.  But it's progress!  So yay, I'm a winner!!!

I competed primarily in Events #2 & 3.  In #2: Back Up Your Data, I completed Task A & am only partially finished with Task B, so I give myself a Bronze medal.  In Event #3, Organize Your Research, I completed Task A (hard copies, books, etc.) about 3 times over and Task D (digital photos) at least once by uploading all my iPhoto photos into Picasa to try out the face recog, so I'm going to give myself a Silver medal there, though I still have some Picasa fooling around to do before I decide to use it for metadata or upgrade to the latest iPhoto or other software.

In addition, I Expanded My Knowledge (Event #4) by reading up on past GeneaBloggers posts for bloggers and I: 1. learned some nifty HMTL code to use, 2. got myself a Creative Commons license, and 3. played around with some label clouds.  So the tasks were not the same, but I'm still giving myself a Silver for expanding my blog tech knowledge through catching up with GeneaBlogger tutorials.  (I think Thomas would approve--I'd already done two of the listed tasks, anyway. :) )

I also get a Bronze for Write, Write Write (Event #5, pre-publishing blog post task) and a Silver for Reach Out & Perform Acts of Genealogical Kindness (Event #6, commenting on & following blogs tasks)--though I wasn't really competing there, just doing stuff I would do anyway.

So, my tally? 2 bronzes and 3 silvers.  Not bad.  Now back to real life, and back to focusing on those files and my desk so I can post a new improved desk photo! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

GeneaBloggers Games update

I'm participating in the Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games (inspired by the Olympics) in order to organize the folders and boxes and photos cluttering up my desk and the floor around it.   I'm "competing" primarily in the "Backing Up" and "Organizing" events.

So far, most of my database info and many photos are backed up on CDs and/or online, but I've started looking for deals on jump drives and photo storage boxes, so I'm still working on the "bronze medal" in the Backing Up category.  Meanwhile, a very important and immediate goal is to download images from my tree that are online now but not on my hard drive, starting with my images of Acadian and French-Canadian records from the Drouin collections there.  Some readers may recall that the Drouin collection was temporarily pulled from while a dispute between the collection's owner and Ancestry (the distributor) was settled.  I don't want to lose that info if things aren't resolved permanently between the parties.  This is also an issue to keep in mind for other collections and online services, if you have many records stored online but not in your physical possession.

In the Organizing category so far, I've organized at least a couple hundred pieces of paper into 4 major categories (folders): To Enter (info for my database), To Scan (documents, other paper info), To File, To Do (people/places to contact to give info or ask for info), so I think I currently have a Bronze Medal for organizing & am working on a silver.  Part of my desk and floor is now clear.  Progress!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games and my messy, messy desk

Flags representing (upper) my ancestry as a (primarily) Franco-British-American and (lower) the flag of Louisiana Cajuns (I grew up in SW La.).  If I had my druthers, I'd create a collage with the lower flag in the center & flags of my blog title ancestries surrounding it, but I am graphics-program-challenged and don't want to waste more time at this, so this will have to do!  Use your imagination. :)

OK, I'll bite.  I'm participating in the Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games (inspired by the Olympics), if only to goad myself into organizing some of the piles of paper and folders and boxes and CDs of photos cluttering up my desk and the floor around it.  The "rules" require a flag, so mine are pictured above.  Reports on my progress to follow.

Part of the problem is a nice one to have--lots of info and photos accumulated over the past couple of years--and part not--I can get organized but sometimes have trouble staying that way.  I also like to flit around from branch to branch of my family tree depending on my current interest or the contents of my e-mail in-box.  I really enjoy the freedom to do that with my personal genealogy, but lately I'm feeling a little guilty for some info/e-mails I owe a few cousins and also rather overwhelmed at all the folders and papers I have lying around calling out for me to enter data into my database, file or scan info, organize, prioritize, etc.

I can't believe I'm actually posting this photo.  Yes, this really is my desk.  Now maybe I'll do something about it.

I don't like genealogy to feel like work--it's too much fun for that.  But perhaps clearing my desk and establishing some priorities [I do have a genealogy "to do" list but it doesn't include much about the housekeeping part of genealogy] and routines [15 minutes a day of entering data, filing once or twice a week, etc.] would help me have more fun.  I am NOT a "BO" ["Born Organized"] type of person, so if anyone wants to give me organization tips that work for creative thinkers [as in, "I can't remember what I filed that under because I can think of so many possibilities" :)], feel free.

I'm not promising gold medals here, people--I have a lot of non-genealogical things I currently need to be doing--but I'm hoping the possibility of public humiliation will get me working on this stuff.  Backing Up (which I have done regularly in the past, but not recently) and Organizing will be my main "events" in the GB Games.  Anything else I get done will be lagniappe.  And any progress will be a win!

Text/photos copyright 2010 by Liz Hall Morgan